Hawaiian Foods

Whether hosting a poolside luau or looking for the flavors of the Islands, WBC will create a menu of lasting memories


available full service, grab go and drop off

Whole Pig Roast

We split and smoke your whole pig and present it on a huge platter surrounded with fresh greenery, fruits and apple wedges. ​Two sides and bread

Kalua Pork

a simple way of making traditional Hawaiian kalua pig without having to dig a hole in your back yard we slow roast with simple seasoning until it's falling off the bone. Two sides and bread

Huli Huli Chicken, Grilled

I received this recipe from a friend with a home in Hawaii. It sizzles with the flavors of soy sauce (low sodium) fresh ginger root and brown sugar. Large thighs marinated overnight then grilled and glazed with a Sweet & Savory sauce. This dish will not disappoint! Two sides and bread

Hawaiian Chicken Kebobs

Tender, sweet and delicious each simply consists of cubed marinated breast meat, sweet pineapple, green bell and cherry tomato. Two per person andlg with Two sides and breadTwo sides and bread

Hawaiian Spareribs

Cut from the lower portion of the pig these rib bones are layered in a roasting pan, covered with a semi-sweet glaze and roasted to a fall off the bone perfection.Two sides and bread

Whole Pigs can be purchased as a stand alone item and based on market pricing

Kalua Pork and Huli Huli Chicken

Per person 4 ounces of Kalua Pork and half Huli Huli grilled chicken thigh.Two sides and bread

Traditional side selections

Hawaiian fried rice

"Fried rice loaded with sweet pineapple, ham and vegetables"

Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato

This vibrantly purple sweet potato, a locally grown staple of Hawaiian cuisine, is rich in flavor and packed with nutritional benefits


​Traditional and boring as heck we can create one finger, two finger or three finger version of this island dish

Alternatively you can select from our extensive selection of delectable side dishes


Mango Cake Squares

If you love mango this will be prefect for you! Dusted with powder sugar

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This old-fashioned cake recipe really delivers on flavor

Banana Cream Pie Deluxe

Another old fashioned recipe, deluxe means lots of real bananas and delicate meringue topping

Apple Sweet bread pudding with vanilla cream sauce.

Yep, Kings Hawaiian sweet bread makes this special

Cream Puffs with Haupia filling

(creamy coconut pudding inside a fresh puff)